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Creating a culture of equity by engaging in difficult conversations, developing a personal racial consciousness, & empowering all to see and challenge injustice.

Equity Builders - Coaching


Individual or group coaching with equity leaders to set goals, work through obstacles, maintain accountability, and support that encourages success.

Equity Builders - Planning


A personal guide that will look at the uniqueness of each school to create a plan that engages all stakeholders on the journey of making a positive change to better service all students. 

Equity Builders - Training


Staff Training and Professional Development on equity, leadership, and restorative practices. Community workshops for parents.

Equity Builders - Planning


Content to facilitate discussion groups with staff, parents, and students. Topics have a common framework with audience-specific content that is updated continually and builds current events into topics.

Changing the culture of a school district to be equity-focused
requires the involvement of all stakeholders.

Developing racial awareness is a personal journey that looks different for everyone. Equity Builders puts resources at your fingertips to facilitate conversations in your school. Members get access to a uniform framework to facilitate conversations based on race and diversity with content that is specific to your target audience.