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Equity Builder’s mission is to support the individual and organizational journey of creating a culture of equity by engaging in difficult conversations, developing a personal racial consciousness, and empowering all to see and challenge injustice.


Our vision is that we are a link in the movement toward racial equity and justice. That we will encourage and support the development of racial leaders to independently lead and progress the movement of equity within their organization which will infiltrate into households and communities lifting oppression, discrimination, and clearly seeing the uniqueness of every person as an intentional creation and gift.

Why It’s Important to Talk About Race

K-12 classrooms are the best place to start building an equitable, non-racist society.

We all have unconscious biases that started forming in childhood.

Unconscious biases impact people of all colors; research shows 30-40% of marginalized groups have a bias against members of their own group.

All schools, regardless of racial construct, need to be prepared to address issues stemming from discrimination. Schools that are not prepared will find themselves overwhelmed in an unprepared defensive mode when incidents arise.

Research shows a national trend of an ongoing achievement gap for African American students.

Corporations are making cultural competency a deciding factor in hiring; therefore, educational systems need to prepare students with culture competencies regardless of school demographics.

Research shows national trends in racial discrepancies with disciplinary actions, gifted program enrollment, teacher expectations of minority students, and school systems unprepared and lacking confidence in being able to effectively respond to racial incidents.

We all have moral responsibility to address these issues.


Kelly Hayden

Kelly Hayden
Diversity & Equity Consultant. Wellness Coach

Kelly is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Ohio and Nationally Certified Health & Wellness Coach. She utilizes her professional expertise in human behavior and emotional wellness along with her passion for racial equity to empower others and educate for change. She works with you to develop a unique action plan that meets your organizational needs.

LaMarqué D. Ward Sr

LaMarqué D. Ward Sr., M.Ed.

LaMarqué holds an M.Ed., is an author, speaker, trainer, and certified life coach. He spent 9 years teaching and leading in Job Corps before he founded Dream Builders University in 2009.  His has a straightforward vision both professionally and personally when it comes to helping schools thrive: educate people with relevant life-changing information, challenge old ideas, and inspire people in organizations and schools to deliver their highest potential to humanity.