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An Equity Builders consultant will contact you to set up an appointment to meet and start creating a culture of equity in your school.


Equity Builders puts the resources at your fingertips to facilitate conversations in your school. Members get access to a uniform framework to facilitate conversations based on race and diversity with content that is specific to your target audience. Equity Builders understands that changing the culture of an organization to be equity focused requires the involvement of all stakeholders; yet, developing racial awareness is a personal journey that looks different for everyone.

Equity Builders - Coaching


Coaching to develop a personalized plan, work through obstacles as they arrive, and support that encourages focused goals.

Equity Builders - Planning


A plan that builds equity leaders within your school district.

Equity Builders - Training


Training and Professional Development.

Equity Builders - Conversations


Conversation content available online to members only that is updated continually and builds current events into topics.